Learn about things that float and things that don’t. Build model boats, do experiments to see how submarines can sink and resurfaDSC_8724 - Copy (800x665)ce, and design your own crafty vessels. Make a hydrometer to learn about water’s different densities. Discover how temperature and minerals , like salt, affect what will float as you experiment with different materials in fresh water and  at our sandy salt water beach. 8-13 yrs. old at Camp SOCI on Cousins Island in Yarmouth. It’s the island you can drive to! We are just across the bridge on Cousins Island. ( Must be 8 years old for camp on Cousins Island because of swimming.)


July 13-17, 2015 Monday-Friday
9am-3pm. 8-13 yr. olds – $255.00

Additional $10 Non-residents fee if not a resident of Yarmouth-$265

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Sponsored by YCS FMI Call (207) 846-2406.  They start accepting registrations in the spring on their website and in person.

*Note: Additional Nonresident fee applies to some sites. Falmouth, Yarmouth/Cousins Island and Freeport have Nonresident fees of $10 per week.