This week is all about FARMS!! What is farming, and what can you farm?

This week is a jam packed hands on frenzy. It is a week of discovery, field trips, and getting your hands dirty. Here are some things we will be doing durning Farm Frenzy week:

  • Take a field trip to Gray Animal Farm.
  • Take a field trip to Pineland Farms.
  • Take a field trip to Toot’s Ice Cream and Farm.
  • Talk about the history of farming and the environmental impacts.
  • Make a farm to table meal.
  • We will have guest speakers of different farms talk to us about their experience including bee keepers.
  • Play farm games and sing fun farm songs.
  • Grow some of our own plants and crops.

Outdoorsy, adventurous animal and plant lovers, are a great fit for this camp.