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Our handbook contains all pertinent information regarding policies, procedures, and expectations of our program. Please reference the handbook to understand the roles of all involved, so you and your child can have the best possible experience at DaVinci. Please reach out with any questions or concerns you may have.

Parent Council

Are you looking for a way to stay updated and informed on the happenings of DaVinci Childcare? Would you like to have a say in your child’s education and curriculum? Do you have unique strengths and talents you’d like to offer to our program?

Similar to a PTA, The DaVinci Experience family council brings families and staff together to help to improve communication between school and home. Family council encourages families to share their skills and talents and volunteer their time in order to be involved with their child’s learning and create a stronger community. The goal is to provide opportunities for meaningful involvement for caretakers.

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Our board of families serve as volunteers in the classroom to assist teachers and enrich children’s learning experiences, as well as establish school-home connections. Families have opportunities to volunteer on field trips to help staff and students. We encourage our family council to share their knowledge and constructive feedback. We want families to give their input regarding the passions and interests of the children, so teachers and staff can integrate these topics into the curriculum. 

It truly takes a village to help children learn, and we believe that partnering with families is just as important as knowing the children we teach. We value your input and would love to give families the opportunity to get involved in their child’s education through our family council. Your time and effort will help the children to grow and thrive as learners, and we truly appreciate your support. There are many ways to contribute and we invite you to get involved today!

Parent Council

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