The DaVinci Experience Childcare Meal Plan

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DaVinci is passionate about serving balanced, healthy, and diverse foods to children in our care. Nutrition plays a vital role in learning, development, and growth. We focus on simple carbs, proteins, fats, and low and natural sugars. We offer 4 meal periods throughout the day:

  1. Breakfast
  2. Mid Morning snack
  3. Lunch 
  4. Afternoon Snack


Our Breakfast focuses on grains and proteins such as local eggs, sausage, ham, toast from homemade bread, low-sugar homemade muffins, and oatmeal. It may contain some fats and or natural sugars with jam, butter, peanut butter, or hazelnut spread added to the toast.

Mid-Morning Snack

Our mid-morning snack focuses on simple sugars and fats including fruits (or no sugar added applesauce), local plain yogurt, cottage cheese, or honey.


Our lunches focus on protein based foods and are meant to expand children’s pallets and fuel their growing bodies. Each day of the week is a different focus for our menu.

Monday – Noodle/Casserole Day
Tuesday – Rice Bowls
Wednesday – Sandwich Day
Thursday – Soup Day (also may include leftovers from the past three days)
Friday – Crazy Day – Could be seafood, tacos, casseroles, etc.

Afternoon Snack

This snack will be a savory snack including lots of fats and proteins including dips ( hummus, guacamole, etc.) and chips (pita, tortilla, etc.), vegetables, cheese, deli meats, and crackers.

Our menu will be amended based on any allergies or religious abstentions. When planning our meals, we focus on buying locally and providing homemade meals where possible. DaVinci does not provide high-sugar snacks, desserts, or snack food and packaged foods (with the exception of emergency goldfish on hand for picky eaters). During holidays, birthdays, or other special occasions, DaVinci permits families to bring in sweet treats for the class. 

On an annual basis, DaVinci will self-assess our menu and nutrition plan to ensure the standards of our nutrition plan are met. To see a full menu of our offered meals, click here.

Get to Know Us
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