Look at the world around you as a free thinking independent artist whose world is their canvas!

This week will test campers creativity and push the boundaries of art and art materials. Campers will make paint with soil, make up, food, and more. They will also learn to forge for materials around the playground and outdoor space to create art materials to paint with. This week is all about being resourceful, creative, and eco friendly to create paint and paint materials to then create a masterpiece.

Picasso to Pop Art

Who should sign up for eARTh?

This week promotes free thinking and independence within a natural art setting. Children who are intersted in painting, the environment, and sensory activities will love this week. 

Full time campers should bring a water bottle, snack and lunch. Half time campers need a water bottle and snack. Please bring a pair of sneakers for running games and hikes. We spend the day making messy art projects and science experiments, as well as playing games outdoors – it is important to send your child with clothes that can get dirty and wet!

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