Illustrious Illustrators

The perfect camp for budding artists who are curious about different styles and skills.

During this artsy week, campers will tap into their creativity and hone their artistic skills. Each day we will focus on a new aspect of illustration. The children will spend a day learning about comic book illustrations, and make their own comics. The children will learn about Dahlov Ipcar during our fun filled day of painting. We will even learn about the tedious nature of claymation, as the children sculpt a clay sculpture, build a small set, and film a mini claymation film. Kids will learn about animators in popular Disney movies and the process of animation. Seniors will learn how to make a flip book, while juniors make Gerald and Piggy illustrations. Each day includes a drawing tutorial and time for free draw. 

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Who should sign up for Illustrious Illustrators week?

Illustrious Illustrators is a perfect week for imaginative and creative artists who love to create fun stories. Any child who loves to draw, paint, and even sculpt will enjoy the diverse activities of this art packed week. If your child loves illustrated stories, comics, paintings, or animated movies, they will love this week. 


Full time campers should bring a water bottle, snack and lunch. Half time campers need a water bottle and snack. Please bring a pair of sneakers for running games and hikes. We spend the day making messy art projects and science experiments, as well as playing games outdoors – it is important to send your child with clothes that can get dirty and wet!

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