Sensational Sea Life

The perfect camp for future marine biologists. 

Sensational Sea Life is a jam packed week of ocean discovery. Each day campers will focus on different sea creatures, their habitats, and anatomy. There will be a day for sea mammals, crustacean, fish, and sharks. Campers will play fun ocean games, paint sea scapes, construct 3D sea animals, and other fun ocean art. Children will learn what it means to be a marine biologist, diver, and fisherman. A diver will come in to talk to the children about scuba diving, and show children a real Megalodon tooth. We will also have touch tanks with tide pool creatures brought to the building for kids to touch and see. We will finish our week with a field trip to the ocean front to look at tide pools and explore the beach! 

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Who should sign up for the Sensational Sea Life week?

This is a great week for children who love the ocean. Any child who enjoys sea life, fishing, and snorkeling will love learning and discovering more about the mysterious ocean and it’s creatures within. Scientifically minded children interested in marine biology will really be engrossed in this exciting week. 


Full time campers should bring a water bottle, snack and lunch. Half time campers need a water bottle and snack. Please bring a pair of sneakers for running games and hikes. We spend the day making messy art projects and science experiments, as well as playing games outdoors – it is important to send your child with clothes that can get dirty and wet!

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