Zoo Vet

Let’s learn about some new aspects of veterinarian sciences .

This week is all about exotic animals and being a zookeeper veterinarian! Each day the campers will learn about at least one to two different exotic animals and their eco systems. Older campers will talk about why zoos exist and the work they do to rehabilitate injured and endangered animals. There are also zoos that harm the environment and the animals in their care which we will discuss as well. Younger campers especially will play zoo and zoo vet with their stuffies and vet tools. Sparks Ark will come to show his exotic animals and the children will go on a field trip to the Maine Wild Life Park. 

Emergency Vet

Who should sign up for Zoo Vet?

Zoo Vet is a great week for animal lovers who love to learn about eco systems, animal classifications, and the special quirks of different exotic animals. 

Full time campers should bring a water bottle, snack and lunch. Half time campers need a water bottle and snack. Please bring a pair of sneakers for running games and hikes. We spend the day making messy art projects and science experiments, as well as playing games outdoors – it is important to send your child with clothes that can get dirty and wet!

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